Sunday, February 4

Joining the ZHR racing team

As you may know - and it might be the reason you are reading this - I've set up a separate discussion group for riders on the Team ZHR racing team, to discuss all matters related to racing on Zwift: tactics, strategy, teamwork, etc.

The group is only for those on Team ZHR, so here is a short guide on how to join the team on ZwiftPower.

1 - Log on to your ZwiftPower account and select the Teams section

2 - Scroll through the list of teams or search for ZHR; then click on the hyperlink name to take you to the team page

3 - Here you can see the team's riders and their race results but also the link to join the team

4 - Information on the team's ethos, rules, etc., and confirm that you wish to join Team ZHR.

5 - That's it! Your ZwiftPower account will register your team choice and ZHR will appear next to your name in the results of any races and rides. You can only belong to one team, so this will get overriden if you should choose to join another.

Tuesday, January 16

Zwift ID and Registration

I've been asked a few times about how one goes about finding their Zwift ID, necessary for the ZHR Masters League registration; a few people have been giving Chris the wrong number. Here is a step-by-step guide, along with finding out whether or not you've registered and accepted ZwiftPower's data storage and sharing conditions.

Step 1 - Log in to your ZwiftPower account (if you don't have one, register!)

Step 2 - Click on Profile to your...profile!

Step 3 - Click on Settings to...guess what, see and change your settings!

Step 4 - See your Zwift ID and Registration status, and change FTP, details, timezone, etc.

Rules for ZHR Masters League

This applies to the ZHR Masters League every Tuesday - not the ZHR Masters Weekender
The full rules and Age categories are listed in the event description, as well as in the Zwift Masters Facebook Group.
  • You must be registered with ZwiftPower and have agreed to the conditions of data storage & sharing. Failure to do so will see you filtered out from the final results. This is separate from registration with Chris O'Hearn via the Google form.
  • If you see REG next to your name in the list of Filtered names, then you haven't done so and you won't be reinstated even if you register after the race.
  • You must add ZHR and your Age Category to your name before joining the race in the format of ZHR (X), e.g., John Smith ZHR (C). Again, failure to do so will see you filtered out from the final results.
  • If you see DQ next to your name in the list of Filtered names, then you didn't do so - just a letter will not suffice - and you won't be reinstated.

Sunday, October 29

Why is my data not showing in ZwiftPower?

Have you ever checked ZwiftPower for your results and thought: where's my data?

Missing power data for some riders

In short, this is what you need to do to avoid this from happening:
  1. Create an account within ZwiftPower
  2. Link your ZP account to Strava
  3. Make your Strava files public so that ZP can read them
  4. Link your Strava account to Zwift
  5. Make sure Zwift successfully uploaded the .fit file to Strava
If your name is not hyperlinked (in blue) like those in the screenshot above, you will need to complete one or more of the five steps above. There are other possibilities, such as a glitch with Strava, ZwiftPower, Zwift itself, or your connection.

There is one other possibility, where you continue to ride long after the event has finished. There is an automated process that picks up the data from Strava; if you keep riding for too long, you power file won't uploaded and won't be seen in the results. Some organisers will manually rescan Strava but, if you want to keep riding, it's best to save your workout in Zwift and start a new session.

Saturday, January 7

Zwift - using Discord for voice and text chat

Until Zwift set up their own voice chat facility, I've tried to encourage riders to use Discord. It's free and relatively easy to set up; however, some have had difficulties with their microphone and/or audio, so I've put together this step-by-step guide for using Discord on the iPhone (it may differ on Android) but it should also be similar for your PC.

Step 1 - download the free App to your phone

Step 2 - join the ZHR server on Discord: and enter your details and nickname

Step 3 - you should see this welcome screen, which automatically shows you if any of your friends are online. Various options are available but, for our purposes, click on the top left icon, with the three horizontal bars. 

Step 4 - you will be taken to the list of chat servers that you have joined. In my case, I've joined the ODZ server as well as ZHR. You should see ZHR's server if you used the invite link in step 2. Click on the ZHR icon to take you to our server.

Step 5 - you will see Text Channels and Voice Channels. Text Channels allow you to send typed messages just as if you were in Zwift, FB or mobile. The Voice Channels are divided into different chat rooms; the General channel is your main "room", with Groups A-F used for Hare & Hounds or events where there are separate groups. Also useful to head in there if you want to chat with just a few riders, not the whole group. Click on one of the Voice Channels. 

Step 6 - you will be asked if you want to connect to this Voice Channel. Click on "Connect to Voice"  

Step 7 - you are now connected to the Voice Channel, in this case the General Channel. You can also send text messages from here. If you don't see the "Push to Talk" button, don't worry, I'll come to that. On the bottom row you have "Disconnect" to take you out of the Voice Channel, "Voice Settings" that I will explain next, the microphone icon that allows you to mute, the headphones icon that allows you to stop audio, and the speaker icon on the bottom right that I will explain later. Click on "Voice Settings". 

Step 8 - if it's not already set as default, please change Input Mode to "Push to Talk" so that we only hear you when you want us to; otherwise, we hear everything...all the time! Output Volume is up to you, I need to set it on max to overcome the noise of the trainer and music. Switch on all the Voice Processing options, they help with clarity and stability. Click on "Close" to go back to the Voice Channel (step 7) and click on the speaker icon in the bottom right corner.

Step 9 - select from where you would like to hear the audio. I prefer iPhone, which means headphones, but you can set it so that it comes through the iPhone's speaker. If you have headphones with a microphone built-in, I suggest clicking on the iPhone option. If not, you'll have to use the phone's microphone (just like making a call), so you may as well use the speaker. NB - I've found the headphones to be much clearer than the speaker and with better volume; try it out, see which you prefer.

ZHR - now more than just a handicap race

In December 2015, with a series of test races, I set out to create a different type of racing, where it mattered not whether one had a power meter or whether they were Cat A neo-pros or Cat D fighters, and to make it as accessible as possible for everyone to not only enter but also to win, without the need to jump through various hoops to be “allowed” to be at the start line.
It has since developed into a philosophy of creating races of a different mould: in the past twelve months, we've had three Grand Tours, mass-start TT races (which I've brought back as Contre La Montre), the first training rides on Zwift, the first race over the Mountain the day after it opened (we had over a hundred riders, which was a lot back then), underground racing, and the group handicap race that evolved into the Hare & Hounds; now we also have a race for climbers (Up & Down), a fortnightly endurance ride, a weekly sub-2w/kg ride, a Weekend Group Ride and the new Great Watopian Mountain Goat Road Race.
I've pushed the boundaries of whatever technology was available to me but I'm no coder - it's thanks to Zwift HQ and the team behind ZwiftPower that make it easier to think up new challenges.
This is the current line-up of rides and races that I host. Find us on Facebook for more details!

Thursday, November 3

Brexit court defeat for UK Government

Whether you are pro or anti Brexit, this is the correct decision. To have it otherwise would see this country ripped apart like at no time since the English Civil War. The rule of law MUST be upheld, even in the face of 27% of the UK who will now complain about "democracy".
This isn't just about the benefits or otherwise of the European Union, this is about who we want to be as a nation: the multi-cultural, international hub of the world that everyone likes (except maybe Robert Mugabe) or a nationalistic and xenophobic inward-looking quasi-dictatorship. Look at history, at nationalistic governments - when did they ever turn out well for its citizens? Many will say "oh, you're taking it to the extreme, it'll never happen here." I'm sure that's what they said in Germany circa 1928, in Srebrenica, in Zimbabwe, in Rwanda, in the numerous military junta in Latin America, in a Trump-led USA (God help us all!)...
I don't know who is advising this government but the constitutional law is very clear and, in 2010, the law declared that all referenda could be at best advisory, due to Parliamentary sovereignty. They can appeal all they want but this is a legal decision, not a political one.
And, when MPs come to vote on whether to commit suicide - sorry, I mean trigger Article 50 - I hope they and the general public remember this: they are NOT there to represent the views of their constituents but their best interests and those of the country at large. Do teachers do what the children in their care want them to do? Do doctors just go with what the patient wants, regardless of the health implications? No, they look after the best interests of those in their care.
One of two things is happening within government: either the lunatics have taken over the asylum and are looking forward to ditching environmental regulations, labour legislation, human rights, scrapping the NHS, ditching benefits entirely, etc...or this was part of Theresa May's grand plan: to say "I did all I could but the law is the law, it must be respected whether we like it or not". I really hope it's the latter because the former doesn't bear thinking about.