Friday, July 31

Does your dog bite?

This sketch always cracks me up and I was able to quote it recently and it's since become a bit of an in-joke among some of my friends. I thought I'd share for those who missed out on Peter Sellers' genius:

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Thursday, July 16

Normal service...

...will resume shortly. It's been a hectic half-year so far:

* doubling the amount of classes I teach;
* attending ECA in New York and recovering from illness;
* WSSC in Miami, notes from which I have yet to read;
* training for and racing in the Marmotte, if you can call it racing when it's so slow;
* getting new kit for cycling - Sidi shoes, Dura-Ace wheels, 12-27 cassette (I know, what a wimp!);
* and last but not least, finding love (about time - it's been a long time coming!)

Sorry for the interrupted service but I'm also in the middle of putting together my case for the lawyers in my insurance claim for last year's accident. I also need to start mending parts of the house that have needed fixing for a while now, as well as mix some new classes.

And I just HAD to watch the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France - it's a given in my philosophy!

Hope y'all had a good year so far, here's to the second half...