Saturday, January 7

ZHR - now more than just a handicap race

In December 2015, with a series of test races, I set out to create a different type of racing, where it mattered not whether one had a power meter or whether they were Cat A neo-pros or Cat D fighters, and to make it as accessible as possible for everyone to not only enter but also to win, without the need to jump through various hoops to be “allowed” to be at the start line.
It has since developed into a philosophy of creating races of a different mould: in the past twelve months, we've had three Grand Tours, mass-start TT races (which I've brought back as Contre La Montre), the first training rides on Zwift, the first race over the Mountain the day after it opened (we had over a hundred riders, which was a lot back then), underground racing, and the group handicap race that evolved into the Hare & Hounds; now we also have a race for climbers (Up & Down), a fortnightly endurance ride, a weekly sub-2w/kg ride, a Weekend Group Ride and the new Great Watopian Mountain Goat Road Race.
I've pushed the boundaries of whatever technology was available to me but I'm no coder - it's thanks to Zwift HQ and the team behind ZwiftPower that make it easier to think up new challenges.
This is the current line-up of rides and races that I host. Find us on Facebook for more details!

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