Thursday, May 24

A week is a long time in fitness

So, it's been a mixed bag this week:

• I gave up my Tuesday evening class at Downham Leisure Centre for a variety of reasons but, mainly, their combination made the class feel like a chore. Spinning is a passion for me and I used my justification for leaving my desk job a few years ago: if you dread going into work several times in a row, then it's time to move on (if you can!).

• The next day I was asked to start a new Friday early morning class at Bannatyne's Grove Park. I had been covering the Wednesday 7am class for another instructor for nearly five months and I can only guess that the members must have lobbied for me to lead another early morning class. Thank you, riders, your appreciation and efforts are truly humbling!

• Then, today, the day I'm getting ready to go on a much-needed holiday, I find out that my 7.15am classes on Tuesday and Thursday at LA Fitness are going to be handed over to in-house gym staff. To pull this off, I think they will need to have an extra person on duty at that time of day, so it's a false economy - especially so when several members said that, without my two classes, they'd have no reason to stay at the gym, thus losing more money. I won't be there now until 12 & 14 June, which will be my last two classes...unless my riders are successful in their lobbying while I'm away!

Anyway, as Spock would say, it's illogical to fret about things over which I have no control; I just hope the riders at LA Fitness are as successful as those at Bannatyne's. People power can work, if that power is greater than the pressure from the suits at head office. Just as in any democracy, people are the key - if enough of them vote (with their feet or their voice) then change CAN happen!

Now to enjoy my last day before a well-earned break!