Sunday, September 27

Blast from the past

While having a clear out at home, I found a couple of old cycling magazines from six years ago that I'd kept...well, because I was in them! 

I was interviewed in 2009 by Cycling Weekly for its monthly Cycling Active magazine and its Health & Fitness for Cyclists Winter Riding Guide, where they wanted to encourage cyclists to make the most of the winter by joining indoor cycling classes from which they would benefit, i.e., not aerobics on a bike! At the time I had only just got into coaching as a profession after leaving my Civil Service desk job, so this article was before my classes became even more specific, with better and seamlessly mixed music. 

The gym studios didn't have power meters back then and, indeed, most places still don't but Cassie and I have our own Wattbike at home, so we can transfer our applied training knowledge that we know works in practice and transfer it to our classes, regardless of any metrics; HR monitors are good, power meters even better, but what makes a great coach stand out is how they engage you beyond the numbers. 

Anyway, although it makes me cringe - I'm not one for self-promotion, letting the quality of my work do the talking - here is the interview with me in Health & Fitness for Cyclists, which was then used (with added details) in Cycling Active about training-specific indoor cycling in general:

Monday, September 21

Revised class schedule

Within a few months of Cassie becoming a self-employed coach/PT/instructor like me, she has already gained quite a few regular classes (as well as coaching and PT clients) and we've made a few class swaps between us.

So, this is our current combined weekly schedule, maybe you can join us:

0700 - Bannatyne's Grove Park (Rob)

0930 - Cadence Performance (Rob)
1130 - Cadence Performance (Rob)
1830 - Bannatyne's Grove Park (Rob)
1915 - Calso Health & Fitness (Cassie)
1930 - David Lloyd Kidbrooke (Rob)

0645 - David Lloyd Kidbrooke (Cassie)
0700 - Bannatyne's Grove Park (Rob)
1900 - Nuffield Bromley (Rob)

0700 - Cadence Performance (Cassie)
1000 - Bannatyne's Grove Park (Rob)
1945 - Nuffield Bromley (Rob)

0700 - Bannatyne's Grove Park (Rob)
0915 - Nuffield Bromley (Rob)
0935 - David Lloyd Kidbrooke (Cassie)
1815 - Bannatyne's Grove Park (Rob)
1900 - Cadence Performance (Cassie)

0900 - Cadence Performance (Rob)
1000 - Cadence Performance (Rob)
1000 - David Lloyd Kidbrooke (Cassie)

0900 - Cadence Performance (Cassie)
0900 - Nuffield Bromley (Rob)
1000 - Cadence Performance (Cassie)
1000 - Nuffield Bromley (Rob)