Wednesday, December 10

I wanted to be Darth Vader

OK, I'll be honest here: I always thought Darth Vader was the coolest character in Star Wars. 

Cooler even than the smooth Han Solo and waaaaaaay cooler than Luke Skywalker. 

And that was before he became a reformed man in Return of the Jedi.

When I saw the first film (Episode IV - A New Hope), I tried using the Force - I was only seven! - but to no avail. 

Anyone else?

Sunday, November 2

Patience & Power

I'm a firm believer in not learning something unless you intend to use it - why waste energy researching stuff you'll never put into practice? - so I never really got into the nitty-gritty of iMovie until I was invited by Rick Goodchild to present a ride at the Ride For Life 12-hour indoor cycling event in aid of Cancer Research UK. 

Always one to bite off more than I can chew, I didn't want to just have just some background scenery but something that reflected the mood of each track. Then I had several brainwaves at once (my head hurt trying to cope!): I'd use a heartwarming clip that I saw ages ago about a man overcoming all odds to walk again; use interviews with cancer survivors during the recoveries; and have an intro similar to the Make Poverty History campaign, where each click of the fingers symbolised the death of a child.

It took some work, and a very steep learning curve, but this was the ride I presented. I hope you enjoy the ride and that you can be there at the next Ride For Life in 2015.

Can't see the video? Click here!

Thursday, October 30

Metafit cancelled this week

Unfortunately, the Metafit session scheduled for this Saturday, 1 November, in Sutcliffe Park is cancelled. 

Normal service will be resumed next Saturday, we hope to see you then.

Monday, October 13


Those of you who follow me on Facebook may already know that Cassie and I have started running Metafit sessions every Saturday morning in Sutcliffe Park, Kidbrooke. 

Created by a former Royal Marine Commando, Metafit looks to burn fat by working big muscle groups with simple, unchoreographed bodyweight exercises in high intensity intervals. There are many copycat workouts but none compare to the  original.

It's difficult to describe but you can find out more on our Facebook page or, better yet, join us for a FREE taster session!

Monday, October 6

Rise of the Phoenix

Hi there!

If you are following this blog, you may have noticed a distinct lack of posts from me in your feed. After a few years' sabbatical, where I decamped to Facebook, I shall be returning to blogging again.

I'll come clean: I got enticed by the immediacy and interaction of Facebook but that interaction also meant dealing with the irrational, the idiotic and the downright nasty. So, to retain my sanity, I have recently left every FB group related to indoor cycling and fitness bar one, reverting back to my blog (which I originally started to move away from an indoor cycling forum that had turned nasty).

My aim is to post anything that wouldn't or doesn't make it to a paid online publication. This blog helped me get noticed but I have to pay the bills; so, any profiles or articles deemed worthy of being published won't be reproduced here (for obvious reasons!).

I hope, however, that I'll still have plenty to say and write - watch this space!