Saturday, March 19

ZHR Special Edition: Watopia Mountain

• Please add ZHR after your name
• Race distance is 1 full forward lap of the new mountain route:
• Please select the correct Flat course option
• Kit - wear whatever jersey you like
• We are on Discord:
• Add ZHR when you save your session to Strava
• Please join our Strava Group:

Good news is that you only need to make one manual turn:
* Select the Flat course option after login
* Line up at the Forward start line
* Set off with your group at your allotted time
* After the first underwater tunnel you will come to a junction (see photo below)
* Press the left arrow on your keyboard or left turn on your mobile app
* No further turns are required
* Keep riding until you cross the finish line

This is where you need to make the only manual turn, if you selected the Flat course:

I'll use Zwift chat to give you the GO GO GO but, in case of any problems, please use an online clock such as and set off at your allocated start time. Alternatively, you can set up your own personal web countdown timer, e.g., - once set up, you don't need to remember your start time in the heat of the moment - just watch the timer hit zero. When you set it up, you get a unique URL for your timer - just save it to your Bookmarks/Favourites and recall it on race day.

GROUPS (subject to late additions):

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