Saturday, February 27

Zwift Handicap Race

If you're not on Zwift yet, check it out:

In case you don't have a Facebook account, I organise the now twice-weekly Zwift Handicap Races. Here are some further details:

Please supply me with your best 3-lap time for Reverse Watopia Hills (Strava segment: so that I can calculate your handicap and start time. Otherwise, your 3-lap Watopia or single lap would be sufficient. 

Your handicap for subsequent races will be based on the fastest of your previous three race times. You only need to indicate that you are “Going” to that week’s race and I will include you on the start list.

• Add ZHR after your name, essential for timings
• Race distance is 3 laps of Watopia Reverse
• Please select the "Prefer Hills" course option
• Kit - wear whatever jersey you like
• TT bikes only, please
• We are on Discord:
• Please join our Strava Group:

This is a race with a difference: all riders will be given a time handicap so that everyone has a chance to win. The handicaps will work so that, in theory, everyone arrives at the finish line more or less at the same time, whatever your ability or FTP. This is an event to bring everyone together in a more inclusive race, whether they are ladies, sub 2 W/Kg, Cat A, etc. 
The slowest rider will set off first; the quickest rider chases everyone down. I will set riders off at timed intervals and I will post in advance a list of start times, so you won't have to hang around too long if you're a faster rider. Ride until you go past the start/finish banner, then to a u-turn (using the app or the down arrow key on your computer) and roll up to the reverse start line. Don't cross the line until your start time, as I use the 3-lap times on Strava for timings.
I'll use Zwift chat to give you the GO GO GO but, in case of any problems, please use an online clock such as and set off at your allocated start time. Alternatively, you can set up your own personal web countdown timer, e.g., - once set up, you don't need to remember your start time in the heat of the moment - just watch the timer hit zero. When you set it up, you get a unique URL for your timer - just save it to your Bookmarks/Favourites and recall it on race day.

The winners will be the first across the line and the fastest time overall. There will also be special mentions, especially for the most improved riders.
Race results will be posted as soon as possible on the ZHR Facebook page, followed by a video of all the finishers as they cross the line.
New Riders will have an asterisk by their result to indicate that their handicap may have been inaccurate, whether too lenient or too harsh.

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